Transportation Services

Bus Driver Training Agency

Kent  ISD operates a Transportation Training Agency certified by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) to provide state mandated bus driver certification classes for public and private schools operating within the Kent ISD and the Ionia County Intermediate School Districts (ICISD).

Bus Driver Safety Education Classes


The Beginner class is comprised of 18 hours of instruction. Typically, Beginner classes are offered in the evenings over 5 nights or during the daytime over 5 days (Tues, Wed & Thurs the first week and Tues & Thursday the following week unless otherwise indicated). Training begins promptly at 6:00 PM for evening dates and at 9:30 AM for the day trainings. The summer Beginner classes (early June) are held during the daytime and run for three days (Tues, Wed & Thurs) beginning promptly at 8:00 AM.  All classes are held at Kent ISD in the ESC (Educational Service Center) building.  Beginning School Bus Driver classes for the 2023/24 school year are listed below.  

Receipt of Enrollment Cards

Once enrolled in a Beginning School Bus Driver Course, a qualified enrollee may be issued a temporary certificate (white card) to drive a school bus. We cannot guarantee that enrollment cards will  be processed on a same-day basis. Please allow 2-3 business days to receive enrollment letters and cards in the mail.  Please remember that although districts may enroll drivers in any of these classes, enrollment cards cannot be submitted until 90 days prior to the enrolled class date. This temporary driving certificate (white card) is valid for up to 10 days following completion of the beginning bus driver class. Please remind your driver that only ONE white card will be issued. If they do NOT attend these classes or even miss one class, FOR ANY REASON, they will NOT be issued another card and will not be able to drive after the expiration date on the card.

BEGINNER ENROLLMENT FORM HERE please download, complete and send to

BSBD 2023-2024 CLASSES

March 5, 6, 7, 12, 14 2024 (6:00 pm - 9:36 pm) - CLOSED

April 23, 24, 25, 30 May 2 2024 (9:30am - 1:06pm) - enrolling now

June 4, 5, 6 2024 (8:00 am – 2:30 pm) - enrolling March 8, 2024



Closed until Fall 2024!  All current Continuing (green) cards will expire on 9/30/25.



All current Supervisor (salmon) cards will expire on 9/30/24.

If you are a brand new supervisor or will become a brand new supervisor, please contact Mark Higgins at the email below for training information.


Transportation Contacts ~

Mark Higgins  Transportation Supervisor (616) 365-2257 /

Lynette Altman  Transportation Class Scheduler (616) 365-2387 /